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Milan is a true metropolis: strong and fearless but welcoming, too. Little by little, I came to realize that I could become someone here.

- Giorgio Armani

Nice to meet you


I am Sandra Blok, 56 years old and living for more than two years in Milan now.

In December 2020 my own business collapsed by Corona and our daughter decided to live on her own. At the same time my husband got the chance to work in Milan. This timing could not be better, we grapped our things together, rent out our home with all our furniture and off we went! A new start not knowing where it will end…….

For me it was soon clear what to do here in Milan. Learning the language and discover the city. Because everything was closed, I walked a lot, crossing the whole city. With this in mind I came to the idea organizing walkingtrips throughout this inspiring city.

Get inspired by my photos, videos and hotspots and walk together with me!

Cammina con me

A tour

What can be more fun than discover a city without thinking “Where I have to go?” “Where can I find the most nice places?” Not reading all the time in a travelguide or continuously watching on your smartphone which way to go.

Ciao Bella

Go with me through Milan


What customers have to say

I am interested in hearing your experiences about the tour in Milan. Let me know ( what you thought about the tour!

A fun and varied walk!
Nice that the starting point was at the Duomo and to see some small churches and the entertainment district.
Highly recommended for a weekend in Milan! (May 2021)


In the middle of July we spent a few days near Milan. To learn more about the city, we booked a city walk with Sandra. In more than 2 hours we visited various parts of the city, including the square in front of the Duomo, the Galleria, Bosco Verticale and, as closing and highlighting, Cimitero Monumentale di Milano. Sandra gave us excellent guidance and explained the history of Milan and the various sights. As a result, we have heard many new things and have been to places that we normally would not have visited. So do you want to spend 2 hours usefully and pleasantly in this nice city? Then book a walk with Sandra. Have fun.


Frank, Miriam, Noa and Ruben.

In a group about Italy On Facebook saw a post from Sandra that she offers city walks in Milan. Since we had a day in Milan on the “ things to do” list during our holiday at Lake Maggiore, I contacted Sandra via Facebook Messenger. We didn't feel like wandering aimlessly through Milan, so such a city walk with a Dutch guide seemed like something to us. After we had agreed on a day and time, we passed on our wishes to Sandra by telephone: what did we want to see anyway, and what not? And what is also interesting for children aged 12 and 14? In the end, we first went to (in, under and on) the Duomo ourselves in the morning and after lunch we met Sandra on the square in front of the Duomo. After a further acquaintance we started walking towards the Navigli canals, via nice shopping streets, a single church (with a beautiful trompe de l'oeil in the chapel), a Roman colonnade and a quiet park. At the navigli it was time for a drink break on the terrace of one of the many cozy restaurants there. It was oppressively hot that day, but luckily Sandra took that into account in the pace at which we walked. From the navigli we did the last bit back via the Castello to the square near the Duomo by metro. Once there we got tips for nice coffee bars and we said goodbye to Sandra. We found the walk with Sandra very pleasant and interesting, and the children also regularly talk about how nice and cozy they found it with Sandra as a guide: “otherwise you just walk around looking at the map”. In short, we had a great day in Milan, thanks in part to Sandra! We highly recommend it to others to discover a piece of this great city in this way! (03 Aug 2021)

Cordiali saluti from Emil, Elseline, Nienke and Ruben from a wet and cold Woerden

At the beginning of November we were in Milan for a weekend. What a beautiful city. Then a city walk should not be missed, and that's how we ended up at Sandra's city walk. We really liked this tour of more than 2 hours because we went to those places that we otherwise would have skipped. It is a very varied walk with history, culture and nature. Along the way, she told a bit of the history of the city so that it all comes to life. We also took the tips for restaurants and museums to heart and had a delicious meal in the restaurants that are not in the guides but where the locals can be found. Time flew by and what is special is that you see a lot in just over two hours and the most important thing in the city is within walking distance. Overall a great walk that we can definitely recommend.(November 2021)

Martin and Joyce Limmen

On a beautiful day in March. Depending on your wishes, Sandra adjusts the route. There is a good pace in the walk and if necessary she will explain where you are or walk (March 2022)

Greetings, Hessel

We, a group of 7 people, really liked the city walk through Milan with Sandra (route 3). Sandra knows exactly what our needs are and her stories at the different locations fit in perfectly with us as audience. The route is varied and shows a nice diverse picture of the old and new Milan. All in all we are very satisfied! (April 2022)


Due to circumstances we had to make a shortened city walk and this was all arranged last minute by Sandra. She is very flexible and you can really take a walk adapted to your personal wishes. If you want to get to know Milan in a pleasant way and see special places, Sandra is the right guide. We can only recommend her.(April 2022)

Annelies and Jolanda

We were only in Milan for a short time and only heard about Sandra's city walks on the day of arrival. Called right away and the next day my girlfriend and I were ready in Piazza Duomo at 10am. Sandra is a smooth storyteller, despite the heat, continues in a nice Dutch way and shows a number of beautiful places in Milan in 2 hours, where you would not otherwise come. Along the way there is time for a delicious cup of coffee on a beautiful terrace. A city walk in Milan with Sandra is definitely recommended. July 2022

Thanks to a tip from a friend, we booked Sandra for a city walk through Milan. We have had a very pleasant morning. Sandra is very accessible and has a nice fast pace, so we were able to see many nice and different parts of the city. She also gave great tips for a nice drink or meal. In short, highly recommended! (July 2022)
Jacqueline en Bianca
We have made a lovely walk through a sun-drenched but hot Milan. Architecture, history, but also the hotspots for shopping, eating and drinking passed by. Everything can be adapted to personal wishes. Recommended! (July 2022)
greetings, Janne-Meije
Luckily we discovered Sandra! Because if you had to organize this yourself you would lose a lot of time. You get to places that you would not find yourself, everything goes smoothly and using the metro is also an experience. We are super satisfied! (December 2022) Sandra thanks
Karin Ost
Took a walk through Milan today with Sandra. Learned a lot about Milan. And seen several hotspots. Well worth booking!!!! (February 2023)
Dick and Manuela van den Broek

“We can highly recommend a city walk in Milan. It is a formidable formula, because you visit the highlights of the city and receive explanations in a very nice way. Not too long, very interesting and a great insight into the city. And that with two teenagers!! City walks to a higher & hipper plan, under the inspiring leadership of Sandra Blok.” (July 2021)

Maaike, Anne (14) and Thijn (12)

On our return trip to the Netherlands we wanted to see Milan one more time. How nice that an old business acquaintance of mine, Sandra has recently given interesting tours here. We met each other at the agreed time in the heart of Milan and followed a nice walk through beautiful neighborhoods with explanations . Sandra asks in advance what we especially need to hear and adjusts her story accordingly. In a short time she has been able to read well, so that a rich background followed with the buildings, parks and statues that we visited on our walking tour. It was very hot when we were there and one of us had a sore ankle. Stopping for a drink, a quick lunch or to give the ankle a rest was no problem at all. Sandra, thank you for your personal approach and nice stand walk. In any case, we can heartily recommend her. (July 2021)

Dick Pieters
"We made an incredibly interesting and pleasant city walk through Milan with Sandra. Through Sandra we have seen much more of Milan than you would think possible. During the walk we got to know the culture of Milan, the architecture learn to understand through the hundreds of years and see the history of the city of Milan. My tip: spend a morning with Sandra and learn so much more about Milan than you expect! The city walk is more than worth it." (09 Aug 2021)
Britt and Casper

“Sandra gave me and the children a wonderful overview of the city in a three-hour walk. We booked our tour at the beginning of the holiday and got a good impression of the many nice neighborhoods and sights. The inside information made our stay a lot easier! Sandra's story really brought the city to life and brought us to places that we would not have found ourselves, such as the Porto Nuova district with the Bosco Verticale. This, together with the relaxed atmosphere and the breaks in consultation, made it a successful tour.” (07 Aug 2021)

It was really nice Sandra!

Greetings, Joke

What a beautiful and versatile city you live in! And great to see each other again! What a great city walk you did for us!! We have been to places we would never have been otherwise!! The wine and the dishes were really fantastic!!! old neighbors from Alkmaar (October 2021)

Mark and Sandra

On our first day in Milan, we choose to take a city walk with Sandra, in order to get a first impression of Milan. We enjoyed this city walk. Enthusiastic, saw a nice overview and special places. Sandra had good informative answers to our questions. Definitely recommend going out with Sandra! (Dec 2021)

Stella and Obbe

A real privilege to walk around Milan with Sandra. Beautiful route, lots of interesting facts, space for your own questions and interests and coffee halfway through. A breath of fresh air compared to the standard -group- city walks. I heartily recommend it to you. (Feb 2022)


We enjoyed the tour with Sandra through beautiful Milan. We thought it was important to do this beautiful route on the first day so that you immediately have an idea of what the city has to offer. The Italian city of Milan has a rich history and culture. She showed us places you would normally never visit. It is really worth doing this tour. You come to places where the Italians are in their habitat and you feel the real atmosphere La vita e bella! Sandra is a positive driven woman who tells exactly that which makes it interesting. We would like to thank Sandra very much and book that city walk! because it is more than worth it!! (March 2022)

Greetings Hans & Sanne

What a nice walk we had! Sandra is enthusiastic, knows a lot and is flexible in time and routes. She tells with passion about the history of Milan, the monuments and daily life in Italy. We took our time and also grabbed a terrace. Sandra can advice you nice restaurants and terraces in various neighbourhoods. Have fun with San! (June 2022)

Antoinette and Bart
Finally a Zaan message! On May 25, 2022, on the advice of your old classmate Lieneke, I made a tailor-made city walk. Since we had already made a bike tour in the morning, we agreed a new route with you in consultation. “This unique city walk is a must for curious people who would like to discover Milan in a completely different way! With a guide who is "at home" in Milan and who explains the background information and shows you the way in this beautiful city with a good explanation and in a fun way. We liked that we could indicate ourselves what we wanted to see, and that we were able to make our own route in consultation"
Irina en Annemieke
Very nice city walk! Highly recommended if you are in Milan! Sandra is cozy and friendly. She shows the highlights of the city in a fun way. During the walk she tells interesting and fun facts (where are the nice vintage shops, how was the laundry done in the past, how are the canals formed, etc etc). We started at the Duomo and ended at cozy streets where we had a delicious lunch! In short, if you are in Milan, book Sandra 🙂 Oct 2022
Family Goudriaan
We, a family group of 9 people, went out with Sandra for 2 mornings. Sandra was able to captivate every age of our diverse group with her enthusiasm, her knowledge and love for Milan. She is great at adapting to the pace and (photo) interests of the group. With Sandra as your guide you not only have a nice and interesting city walk. You get extra service. Since we arrived in Milan on a busy weekend, Sandra spontaneously suggested and reserved some restaurants for us. That was very welcome with our large group. In short: if you are in Milan, be sure to go out with Sandra.(30 and 31 Oct 2022)
Anja Aelbrecht
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