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Passeggiando per Milano

Tour through Milan

What can be more fun than discover a city without thinking “Where I have to go?” “Where can I find the most nice places?” Not reading all the time in a travelguide or continuously watching on your smartphone which way to go.

Instead of above, walk with me through this sparkling city and it will surprise you!

I have 2 basic walkingcitytours of 2.5 hours (tours 1 and 2) starting and finishing at the Duomo cathedral and can be extended with some extra`s and makes these tours 40 or 50 minutes longer. Recently I added route 3 (2.5 hours)

Short descriptions of the sightseeings during the route you will find under the heading “hotspots

Tour 1

A combination of early Christian churches, Roman pillars (San Lorenzo alle Colonne), Naviglie (canals) of Milan, Parco Sempione and Castello Sforzesco.

Route 1 starts on the square of the Duomo (piazza del Duomo). Here I tell something about the history of Milan. I will hand you a map of the city.(alsof valid for the other routes)

The walk takes you via the cosy and busy shoppingstreet, Via Torino, along 4 churches in which we will enter 2. The other ones are optional.

We walk via the sixteen beautiful Roman pillars and the basilica of Sant`Eustorgio. From this point we go to the canals of Naviglie, three of them you can still find here. With the subway we will go from the station Porto Genova to?

2 choices:
Or we will go directly to the station Cadorna and visit from here the castle Sforzesco and walk to the Duomo cathedral.

Or we will first make a stop at the station of Sant` Ambrosia, to visit the magnificant early Romanesque church of Sant` Ambrogio. From there to the station Cadorna and visit the castle Sforzesco and walk to the Duomo cathedral. (about 40 minutes extra on the tour)

Tour 2

It`s a variety of the old artist neighbourhood Brera, the new Milan with his skycrapers, Bosco Verticale and the famous cemetery of Milan; Cimetero Monumentale. With the subway we can go?

From here 2 choices:

Or we take the subway directly from the station Monumentale to Castle Sforzesco and from there walking back to the Duomo cathedral. (tour takes about 2.5 hour)

Or we take the subway from the station Monumentale to the station of Tre Torries to visit another skyscrapers project. From here with subway directly to the Duomo cathedral. ( route takes 3.5 hour)

And of course we will stop along the way for a drink or a coffee!.

If you choose for a walk in the afternoon, it is nice to have an Apericena (see hotspots) on any terrace. But a lunch (“pranzo” in Italian) after a morningtour is a also a guilty pleasure!

Tour 3

From castle to skyscraper….

A very interesting walk, a combination of old and new Milan including a part through the wonderful parc Sempione.

This walkingtour starts at Duomo via the shoppingstreet Via Dante, than through the castle Sforzesco, Parc Sempione zone Brera and ends at the Duomo. You will get a city map from me at the spot.

The tour will go on through the shopping area of Via Dante and Castello Sforzesco, Parco Sempione and the neighbourhood Brera, via Scala theater back to Duomo.

The tour will take 2.5 hours and there will be time for a coffee opportunity.

Walks starts every day at 10 a.m. and  3 p.m. (can be changed in consultation) The walks are all private. Drinks and subway exclusive.

Price per adult €25.

Children up to and including 12 years €10.

You can pay in cash after the walk.

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